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#tbt that time @kimmybates and I went to see this mutual fave band play at the Roxy and discovered their photobooth
Happy Father's Day to the best pops around! I'm so lucky to have you in my life and I owe you so much. Can't wait to see you again this summer xo
MASSIVE thanks to @thebeat945 for choosing me as the #RadioStar regional winner back in March and for hooking me up with all these awesome goodies! So spoiled! @sennheisercan @yamanacanmusic #epiphone
It's a bun, combover, pouty lip kinda day.
Love. @shovelshark @trench_tech
Experiencing the 80s for the first time
80s party tonight so I'm using my big rollers from that era! I find the vintage ones work best for the big bouncy curls :) #nomakeupselfie #nofilter #curls #80s #bdayparty
Sessions at #SpinnakerSound with @roycew make me happy. #music #besties
Sending this original badboy to my contest winner, Sydney! Hope you like scribbles and unused lyrics ;) #boomerang #happybdaycarriedaway
Shhh recording time!
Cool live pic courtesy of @vanessadrinkwater
Brother on the #mevvica tour being a...fan? Love my famjam!
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