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Check it out! Love this song by @taylorswift
Cassica cover?? #tswizzle
Just flappin' it up before I ruin it a the gym. Gotta burn off the 500 pounds of candy before I consume 1000 more. #badmath #happyhalloween #gymselfie #shutupandworkout
Guys, I don't wanna brag but... I'm getting better at this.
These cuties though
Coctail party with a boy #pearls #dressup #imhungryletsgoalready
Thank you Songza for a) this workout playlist and b) bringing this one back #00steen
Why am I making a horse face/why is @catthomsonmusic so embarrassed??? Find out by watching #SoundOffSunday
Please Cat, take a photo with me :(
Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you get to sing/goof off on stage with your bestie
Oh hey Van City, why you always look so pretty? #nofilter
The latter usually wins.
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